We provide web design and development services.

With the capability to incorporate various technologies to suit your site's requirements

Website Design and Development

Your site will be designed and developed using various technologies, determined based on your needs and the best technology choices at the time. The following is just some of what we offer:

  • Full site design, or "bring your own design for development"
  • All site development uses valid HTML and CSS, incorporating modern best practices
  • Microsoft ASP.NET
  • Custom Content Management System (our very own, made just right for you)
  • Databases including Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL
  • eCommerce and secure sites

From the time of gathering your requirements and planning the project, we will determine the best solution for your needs, and will implement the site using best practices and standards compliance.

Content Management Systems

If your site requires regular updates, the best way of achieving this can be using a content management system (CMS), which enables you to do your page editing and even site layout and page creation on your own, rather than needing to submit a request to us.

Our experience has shown that whilst there are many third-party CMS tools available to plug into your site, in many situations a simple custom-built CMS is easiest and can be built to your needs and modified as required. We have build our own CMS framework, and are constantly making improvements and updates to the system, which we make available at low cost, to help intice you to keep up to date with the system.

The end result is generally lower costs to you, as you are able to maintain the contents of your site yourself.

Of course, if you'd rather not have to worry about updates yourself, and would rather be able to email someone with details of what needs changing when the need arises, we do offer the service of performing all your content updates for you.

Email Marketing

With experience in various sizes of email marketing campaigns, Angel Web Designs can assist you in all areas of your campaign. This can include mailing list capture and maintenance, campaign email creation, sending and post-send statistics. Whether you have 50 or 50,000 subscribes, we have the expertise to guide you in best practices, and can offer low costs for sending your campaign.

Website Hosting and Domain Names

We can arrange for the registration of your domain name at a competitive price.

We provide hosting for you on our server dedicated for client website hosting, or alternatively we can provide a separate, dedicated hosting environment for your business, if this suits your requirements.

All maintenance of your domain name and hosting can be performed by Angel Web Designs, taking a lot of effort off your shoulders, or you can take part in the maintenance, using a custom control panel that will allow you to setup email, manage web users, setup databases as required, and perform other hosting related tasks.

Even if your own site already up and running, talk to Angel Web Designs about options for relocating your hosting and maintenance to save you time and money.

Email Solutions

When you purchase a domain name (e.g. yourdomain.com.au), you are able to setup email addresses for that domain - even if you don't have a website for it yet.

We can setup and maintain this for your, with multiple addresses being available for each domain depending on your requirements.

Email Forwarding

Forward [email protected] to your POP3 or webmail account (e.g. you may have an email address through your internet provider that you check regularly)

POP3 Accounts

Check your mailbox through your favourite mail client (Outlook, Eudora, etc).

Webmail and IMAP

Access your emails from anywhere using a web browser, and elect to syncronise your emails on your own PC using IMAP, a technology that allows you to store emails in folders on your mail server and download them anywhere you are. Great for small businesses who are "on-the-go" but don't want the expense and upkeep of an Exchange server.

Catch-all Email Accounts

Have mail that is sent to [email protected] forwarded to another address - because sometimes people do get names wrong in emails!