Our portfolio showcases a selection of our web design and development work.

Our portfolio includes various projects undertaken by Angel Web Designs directly, as well as through other agencies where we have been contracted as a business or individually to perform parts of whole projects.

Baseball Victoria Summer League

Website design and development

When Baseball Victoria approached us with the opportunity to design and develop a website for their Summer League competition, we were immediacy excited by the possibilities it presented us with!  Having previously worked on another baseball league site, we were keen to continue with a modern and revamped take on the traditional portal-style sports websites.

Our main target audience was determined to players who were interested in viewing competition data and statistics, and there was also a plan to start using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, to assist in sharing information provided on the site.

Early on we decided to take advantage of third party solutions for media management (photos, videos and audio), to allow the natural growth and sharing of these aspects of the solution without ongoing costs to the league.

Competition data is provided via XML feeds from an underlying CMS, and this data is manipulated in a custom manner to suit the specific needs of the Summer League site. The inclusion of fixtures, ladders and results widgets is a fresh concept on baseball sites in Victoria, and we hope to share our experiences in this development with others thorughout the community.

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Services Provided

  • Planning
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Interactive content
  • Social media planning
  • XML data consumption
  • Integration into custom CMS in use by Baseball Victoria


  • Javascript and jQuery
  • XML feeds

"The new Summer League website provides a clear difference and focus on the summer competition. It highlights what was deemed to be important and brings it to the front and centre stage."

- Baseball Victoria